Short Term

What is Short Term Health Insurance? It is temporary health coverage that allows someone to sign up for healthcare coverage in periods generally less than 365 days.  Some states members can enroll for 36 months.  These temporary healthcare plans allow members to be covered who may not have health insurance and missed the open enrollment period, want more cost effective coverage, or waiting for other coverage to begin.  Another reason my clients choose short term coverage is because the plans on the Marketplace do not have their doctor in network.

With Short Term Health Insurance there are some pros and cons.


  1. Usually more affordable
  2. Your Short Term Healthcare plan will not have anything to do with the Healthcare Marketplace, more commonly known as Obamacare.
  3. Can enroll and cancel as needed
  4. Coverage can begin the very next day
  5. Some plans have better provider networks than some Healthcare Marketplace plans
  6. You can enroll your family members as needed
  7. More plan options if needed
  8. The ability to get plans with lower deductibles


  1. Do not cover certain medical services – will have to check with your plan
  2. Are not guaranteed renewable
  3. Not ACA compliant – but the requirement to maintain ACA compliant coverage has been lifted in 2019. In others words, you will not have to worry about paying a penalty for not having adequate health coverage
  4. Most plans do not offer pre-existing condition coverage
  5. Some plans do not offer prescription coverage
  6. Do not qualify for a tax subsidy
  7. Not meant for people who have certain healthcare needs like expecting a child, chronic condition care, or complex healthcare needs.
  8. An application for Short Term Healthcare can be denied

It is always best to have an agent assist you in your short term healthcare enrollment.  However, if you would like to take a peek at the healthcare plans available to you, I have provided some links below.  These links are only good for GA, SC, FL and PA.

You can always call me to find out more information before you enroll and you can even apply and enroll in coverage using these links.

If you are looking for one of the most cost effective short term plans or you need coverage for pre-existing conditions click here.  You will see a plan with $25,000 in pre-existing coverage included with the plan.

If you are looking for multiple plan choices click here.

If you need Guaranteed Issue Short Term plans click here.  Please make sure to read the Brochure to see how coverage will pertain to you and your specific needs.